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Hi, I’m Guy Malachi

I’m a serial entrepreneur with a passion for product, user experience, and building things people love.

I’m the founder of RN in TECH – the easiest way to get the most important tech news. If you’re interested in technology, check it out, you’ll enjoy it and it’ll save you hours every week.

To see all my former titles take a look at my LinkedIn page.
Here are the highlights: Former CEO & Co-founder of Skylow, Chief Product Officer at Showbox, CEO & Co-founder of TalkSparks, Co-founder of iglloo, Co-founder of InterMatch, and Chief Geek at Conduit.

Before that I was a software developer (I still love writing code and look for any excuse to build things)

For more personal things add me on Facebook/Instagram.

I co-host a weekly podcast called Bootstrap along with Hillel Fuld and Itamar Weisbrod. We talk about startups, technology, and everything in between…. it’s been getting a ton of great reviews and is a blast creating it, you can tell we really have fun there.

And ocassionally I post on my blog, when I have something interesting to share and share various things I figured out.

Guy Malachi
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