Hi, I'm Guy Malachi

I'm a serial entrepreneur with a passion for product, user experience, and building things people love.

The easiest way to see all my former titles is on my LinkedIn page.
Here are the highlights: Former CEO & Co-founder of Skylow, Chief Product Officer at Showbox, CEO & Co-founder of TalkSparks, Co-founder of iglloo, Co-founder of InterMatch, and Chief Geek at Conduit.

Before that I was a software developer (I still love writing code and look for any excuse to build things)

For more personal things add me on Facebook/Instagram.

I co-host a weekly podcast called Bootstrap along with Hillel Fuld and Itamar Weisbrod. We talk about startups, technology, and everything in between.... it's been getting a ton of great reviews and is a blast creating it, you can tell we really have fun there.

And ocassionally I post on my blog, when I have something interesting to share.

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